“Fabulous 50s” – Schellea Fowler Testimonial

By September 16, 2017 July 22nd, 2019 No Comments


Schellea Fowler of the YouTube Channel “Fabulous50s” came to us wanting to learn ways to improve her videos and YouTube channel. She was already making videos, but they weren’t up to the polish she wanted. Fabulous50s is an ever growing video channel that goes from strength to strength.

Schellea setup Fabulous50s as a channel for women over 50 to provide them with lots of tips, tricks and wisdom how to make the most out of life over 50. It’s full of healthy beauty tips, styling advice, ways to have fun, mindset and all there is to celebrate about being over 50. Schellea really exemplifies what it’s like to be fabulous and over 50.

We reckon 50 is the new 30. It’s all a matter of your mindset.

That’s the power of video – especially for people who like to look at the world differently.

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