Sales Training For Creatives and Big Thinkers

  • Unique sales training for creative business owners and people who don't like to sell!
  • $147 using the Promo Code MORESALES (Usually $295)
  • Selling is the lifeblood of any business. By the end of this training you will have an easy system and process to use every time you speak to people.
  • You will have better conversations, more confidence and more money!


It’s a common thing for Creatives and Sensitive people – spiritual coaches and psychics – musicians and big thinkers to hate selling. And that’s why I created this course.

This program is for you if...

  • You get a shaky voice and start trembling at the thought of a sale.
  • You have tried selling and aren't getting any results which makes you feel undervalued and without confidence in yourself.
  • You have a hard time selling your own products and don't want to come across as annoying or pushy if you do a hard sell.

The Light Bulb Principle is a cultivation of training and experience from the past seven years nicely packaged into a short course for people that are often overlooked by big business coaches and mentors.This training will shift your beliefs around sales, teach you a 5 step process to guide your conversations into an easy sale and become a master at handling objections.

The return on investment for this program is easy when you think about how many extra sales you're going make. What you focus on GROWS.

Sell with Ease

The Light bulb Principle is the only sales training you’ll ever need.


80 minutes worth of content in short, easy to follow video training that will stretch you, guide you and help you.


A 5 Step Process that will allow you to guide any sales conversation into becoming a client.


Change everything you know about sales and grow the confidence that you know exactly what you are doing with this clear process. Shift beliefs, create new habits and see results! 


Easy to use worksheet and instructions when on the phone. Including pre-sales rituals and how to handle objections.


Get a one of a kind Sales Script that will allow you to convert any conversation (in-person, on the phone or in webinars). Take the slimy feeling out of sales because this script will help you flow naturally.


When you make more money you will have more choices and can do more in the world.


My sales journey started in the 80's... I was in my early teens in small town Mt Gambier and my dad owned a record store. I worked there after school and my dad would always say, "Rachel, go and chat to some customers. Let's see how many records you can sell today".

The idea of this made my palms start to sweat and I still remember how fast my heart would start beating. I would do everything in my power to disappear in the back room or start cleaning. I just DIDN'T want to sell!

When I moved to Sydney and started my own production company, my fear of selling came rushing to the surface all over again. I wasn't confident in myself and that came across when I was talking to people. I struggled to talk about the money and then there were no boundaries with my clients... I would often spend months chasing people for payment. I even hired a sales person but they weren't getting the results because I still couldn't direct them with how to sell me and my business.

Around ten years ago, I knew I wanted to grow my business and help business women everywhere share their story. And the biggest block in my way was myself and my fear of sales. So, I made the decision to change and I invested in some of the most intense sales training out there. I was shaking and trembling with fear but I pushed through my blocks and you can too.

Over the last 7 years, I have invested over $100k in different sales training programs and sold millions of dollars worth of services over the phone and on stage. The Light Bulb Principle is a refinement of everything I have learnt in a simple process.

I am so excited to share this process with you and help you achieve your targets and get better quality clients. All you have to do to join me is click the button below to take part in The Light Bulb Principle Sales Training.


For a limited time only, you can join the training for the low price point of $147 (usually $295) by using the promo code MORESALES. This offer is only available for the first 100 people so get in quick!





I found The Light Bulb Principle to be a great tool for helping me increase my sales. 

I always struggled with how to approach a sales situation with my clients and believed they needed to understand for themselves, the benefits and value of what I was offering.  

By following the steps in the Lightbulb training I had a formula to follow, that enabled me to guide my clients in coming to an awareness of what they wanted and needed, and gave me the confidence to offer my services as the solution and a fulfilment of their situation.  

I had immediate results in selling my signature Mentoring Program, and have enjoyed increased sales and confidence with how I speak with potential customers, whether in person or over the phone. 

The associated Lightbulb forms that can be downloaded are a handy resource that help you ensure you address all the basics of the process.  I'm so grateful for this learning and highly recommend to anyone wanting to increase selling skills and confidence.


What are you waiting for? See you inside.

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